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Ubuntu Karmic Koala Makes Its Beta Debut

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Not far now...

The "Karmic Koala" aka Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Beta, Server and Netbook editions, and the Ubuntu Netbook Remix are now available.

The final release is now only a few weeks away and the Beta is a major milestone. I'd expect to see a whole lot more users try out the Beta than the Alpha versions as Ubuntu devs work on eliminating any blocking bugs.

From a feature point of view it looks to me like everything is now locked down. At the top-level, the Koala is supposed to be even faster to boot up then the 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope release.

For desktop users the big items are the GNOME 2.28 desktop GUI which was just released a week ago. Ubuntu users will also (finally) get a much needed update to Firefox 3.5

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