EnterpriseDB nabs former Red Hat exec as CEO


From the ‘where are they now‘ files:

EnterpriseDB which is a leading backer of the open source PostgreSQL database effort, today named a new CEO. Ed Boyajian, former vice president and general manager,
North American sales, Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) will take over from Andy Astor (the current CEO) effective June 9th.

I’ve written about EnterpriseDB numerous times over the years, met Andy Astor (briefly in Toronto at the PostgreSQL anniversary event) and spoken to him for interviews. He is (and was) a fine spokesperson and an exemplary open source CEO, it’s a pity in my view that he is stepping aside – he’s staying on as executive vice president
of business development (which might play to his speaking/sales strengths).

The ‘funny’ thing is that Astor is being replaced in the CEO job by a man that ran sales for Red Hat. In all honesty in all the years i’ve been using and writing about Red Hat I’ve never actually spoken with or heard of Ed Boyajian. That is neither a good thing or a bad thing – it’s just a personal observation.

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