Mozilla Firefox 4 – Tabs on top?

From the ‘pie in the sky‘ files:

Firefox 3.5 is now out, Firefox 3.6 is rapidly approaching its first official alpha milestone – and Firefox 4 is now getting mock ups?

First off, you cannot judge a book – or in this case – a browser – by its cover. Firefox 4, whenever it appears won’t just look different, it will be different, in terms of the underlying Gecko/Mozilla platform.

Mozilla now has a wiki page , with theme mockups for Firefox 4 that show what next gen Firefox might look like. Among the concepts being floated by Mozilla is a ‘tabs on top’ concept that to me looks very, very similar to Google Chrome.

All the mock-ups currently posted are also missing the search box that Firefox has had since Firefox 2.x. Instead it looks to me like search could migrate to the location bar — again something that Chrome already does.

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