Open Source Business Intelligence Comes to Windows

According to JasperSoft, they are the world’s most widely deployed business intelligence (BI) software. It’s now also certified for Windows Server 2008.

In an announcement today, JasperSoft announced a new wide ranging partnership with Microsoft to ensure that JasperSoft’s BI solutions work well on Windows platforms. A key new initiative is something called JasperSoft ODBO Connect which according to JasperSoft enables Microsoft Excel to be used as a
front-end for the JasperAnalysis data analysis server.

“We are pleased to deliver these tightly integrated products to our Community and
Professional Edition customers,” said Brian Gentile, CEO of JasperSoft.”Windows Server is a clear standard,
Microsoft Excel is the most widely used desktop data analysis tool, and
JasperSoft is the most widely deployed business intelligence software in the

The ability to use Excel on the front end in my opinion is a huge advancement for JasperSoft and removes a major hurdle for adoption. Considering that it looks like the new ODBO Connect will be available fo rthe Community open source edition as well is all a bonus as it means anyone (and not just paying customers) will benefit from JasperSoft’s Microsoft collaboration.

I actually spoke with Gentile a few weeks back (in an interview that didn’t go as well as I would have liked) and though he didn’t specifically mention any Microsoft issues, he did respond to a question about open source versus proprietary BI. According to Gentile, it no longer matters whether the solution is open source and customers love the fact they can try out the software with ease.

“And when the dust settles we have to
have the features and advantages to compete with anyone,” Gentile said.  “It’s just about BI, fortunately for us.”

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