Oracle gives OpenOffice to Apache – What a Terrible move.


From the ‘That Makes No Sense‘ files:

Oracle announced this AM that it was giving the open source project to Apache. The effort has already been endorsed by IBM as well.

To me this move makes no sense at all.

Oracle and Sun before them, messed up the community which is what eventually led to the LibreOffice fork. Oracle earlier this year finally admitted that it was the right thing to do to give OpenOffice back to the community, and hey now they’ve decided that Apache is the right community.

If LibreOffice didn’t exist, Apache would be a brilliant home for OpenOffice.

  • Reality is that LibreOffice is a vibrant project that has put out the BEST VERSION of OpenOffice ever.
  • Reality is that the heart and soul of what used to OpenOffice is now vested in the community of developers that work on LibreOffice.
  • Reality is that EVERY MAJOR Linux distribution now includes LibreOffice

Oracle, Apache and IBM need to wake up and see reality for what it is. Continuing to perpetuate the myth that can somehow survive as a separate project without the support of LibreOffice and the Linux community is a fallacy.

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