Want to be a Mozilla Test Pilot?


From the ‘Mozilla is hiring‘ files:

Open Source thrives on participation. Not everyone has the skills/time/interest in directly participating with code validation and contributions but there are other ways to participate.

Mozilla is ramping up on a new way to engage and learn from its user community. The new effort is called Mozilla Test Pilot and that basic idea is that it will solicit structured feedback for Mozilla about its products.

It’s a neat idea – but it’s also an idea that needs leadership, which is something that Mozilla is also seeking for Test Pilot.

In fact Mozilla is now hiring (go polish off that CV!!) for Test Pilot too. Here’s the full job description – Good Luck!

No doubt Mozilla already gets a fair share of feedback through bugzilla and other mechanisms, but the key for Test Pilot will be the ‘structured’ feedback on specific areas that the leadership of Test Pilot deems necessary.

The really tricky part in my view will be to get that representative number of Mozilla users to actually participate. I’ve always had the opinion that the vast majority of Firefox users are a silent majority. They vote by usage not with their words, how to translate that into actionable activities is no easy task.

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