Why Nexus One is bad for Linux

From the ‘Linux Inside‘ files:

With all the hype surrounding the launch of Google’s Nexus one ‘super phone‘ yesterday was one of the biggest Linux phone releases ever – or was it?

Google’s Android sits on top of Linux, but it’s my view that Nexus One is not necessarily a good thing for the mobile Linux community.

Remember back three or four years ago – before Android – and there was a lot of talk from various groups LiPS, LiMO and vendors like Motorola about Linux phones. The promise then was a truly open ecosystem where Linux was the base that would help to make phones easier to build and faster to develop applications.

In many respects, Android and nexus one deliver on that promise.

Yet the nexus one isn’t about Linux is it? Can applications written for Android run on other Linux based phones in a similar way to how an LSB (Linux Standards Base) application can (potentially) run across any Linux distribution?

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