Nokia, RealNetworks Link For Wireless Streaming

Nokia and RealNetworks Inc. Wednesday announced an agreement to develop and distribute Internet media technology for future mobile devices.

As part of the agreement, Nokia and RealNetworks will implement RealNetworks’ RealPlayer technology in Nokia’s EPOC based communicators and smart phones. Customers with enabled devices will be able to experience RealAudio and RealVideo content available on Web sites worldwide.

“Streaming media is a good fit with our vision of the Mobile Information Society and introduces a new dimension to the mobile phone user experience,” said Anssi Vanjoki, executive vice president, Nokia Mobile Phones. “Through our collaboration with RealNetworks, the leader in Internet audio and video distribution, we are bringing the best technology for Internet media delivery to the highest quality Internet devices for the benefit of our customers. We are pleased to be working together with RealNetworks to enable access to the mass of content available in RealNetworks formats.”

“RealNetworks is very excited to be working with Nokia on bringing the power of the RealPlayer to Nokia devices,” said Rob Glaser, chairman and chief executive officer, RealNetworks, Inc. “RealNetworks strongly believes that mobile devices will play a paramount role in the future of computing and information exchange our work with Nokia is focused on bringing the compelling medium of streaming audio and video to the millions of mobile device users worldwide.” The RealPlayer for the first Nokia EPOC products is scheduled to be available in 2001.

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