Bluengine, HP Offer Wireless Broadband Connectivity

SINGAPORE — Singapore-based Bluengine, a wireless broadband Internet service provider and winner of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) Broadband Award, has teamed with HP Singapore’s Consumer Business Organization (CBO) to offer wireless connectivity to HP Jornada 720 handheld PC users in Singapore. The alliance will enable HP Jornada 720 users to wirelessly download information from the Internet and to check e-mail at “hotspots” throughout Singapore.

Bluengine has built these “hotspots” – outlets wired up with Bluengine’s wireless broadband network – to enable wireless Internet access as part of the “Cisco Internet Mobile Office” (CIMO) initiative. “The HP Jornada is user-friendly and a reliable platform that will allow users to access the Bluengine network with ease. We are pleased to be able to leverage the HP Jornada in expanding our network as we continue to provide high-speed wireless broadband Internet access, and value-added applications to our customers,” said Derrick Lee, chief executive officer of Bluengine Holding Pte. Ltd. Bluengine is said to be the leading franchisor of cyber cafes in Singapore.

It also provides high-speed wired and wireless Internet access for students, business travelers and tourists in “hotspots” such as cyber cafes, shopping complexes, fast food outlets, coffee chains, restaurants and other publicly accessible places on the island. Presently, HP Jornada 720 users are able to wirelessly connect to the Internet at more than 32 cyber cafes, and 13 A&W fastfood outlets in Singapore.

The Bluengine network is also currently available at the area along Seah Street (opposite the Raffles Hotel) and at the outlets located along this street. The HP Jornada 720 handheld PC is equipped with a full suite of applications that support wireless connection, making it Internet ready. To access the Bluengine wireless Internet network, HP Jornada 720 handheld PC users need only use an AeroNet card.

Bluengine is said to have one of the largest customer bases and to manage the largest number of fully functional points of access in Singapore. Through Cisco’s CIMO program, the company will be offering its broadband wireless Internet service globally.

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