Electronic Marketplace for NSW Government

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] The Department of Public Works and Services has called for expressions of interest this week to finance one of the largest online trading hubs in Australia, an electronic marketplace to be run by the NSW Government.

Morris Iemma, the Minister for Public Works and Services, said the government currently spends more than $4 billion a year on procuring goods and services.

“The electronic marketplace presents Government with the opportunity for substantial efficiency gain and savings,” he said.

“This is a major move forward in creating jobs and investment in the state’s IT sector. The development of the electronic marketplace will support NSW’s vision in the new economy as being a truly digital state,” said Iemma.

The marketplace would enable customers access to a range of suppliers, goods could be then purchased online. It represents an expansion of the ‘buy.gov’ prototype, that currently allows buyers to browse through an online catalog of approved suppliers to the NSW Goverment.

Mr. Iemma said the electronic marketplace would support the NSW Goverment’s e-procurement policies surrounding regional equity, ethical, social and environmental issues.

“The establishment of one marketplace for NSW government will also eliminate duplication and paperwork, as agencies will not need to create individual solutions, nor maintain bulky catalogs of information.”

Expressions of interest documents are available from the Department of Public Works and Services
until October 26, 2000.

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