Interativa.Net Creates Customized Content Program

Interativa.Net, creator of Brazilian cable TV database MegaTV, has
launched the Powered by MegaTV service, which allows users to develop customized
content for Internet access and content providers.

The company’s first partner is
ICONet, a nationwide ISP with
over 17 thousand users.

“With Powered by MegaTV, providers and Web gates can deliver a unique
experience to their users that can be totally customized,” said Cristiano
Dias, Web manager at MegaTV.

“With ICONet we’re starting a new mirror for the
site, but we could create, for instance, a programming guide for a newspaper
or a paid TV operator. We have the technology and the possibilities are
limited only by the partner’s creativity.”

ICONet reinforces the logic of the deal, explaining that the company researched among its users and found that half of the participants subscribe to cable TV.

The original MegaTV has over 10,000 programs and 50 channels in its TV database, listing
the schedules, program cast and
synopsis, as well as news related to the shows and local companies. MegaTV
also allows users to create a customized calendar that notifies when the user’s
favorite show or actor will be displayed.

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