Peakgour Buys Banner Exchange

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Australian business-to-business (B2B) company Peakhour has bought banner exchange
company Australian Banner Exchange (ABE).

The purchase is designed to provide the first free targeted online
advertising for Australian small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

With a free submit service to 20 international search engines, as well as
free reciprocal banner advertising, Peakhour said ABE delivers a strategic
and efficient method for SMEs to market their products and services

ABE was established in 1997, and offers true targeting and blocking
functionality as well as sub-categories to target specific geographic
regions and industries throughout Australia.

Powered by Peakhour, customers will register their Web sites with ABE
allowing them one banner advert for every two member banners exposed on
their Web site.

This reciprocal approach provides Peakhour with the remaining banners,
allowing them the opportunity to promote ABE membership on the network or to
package exposure credits – then discounted and sold to members.

By providing bulk banner packages, the idea is that members who want to
run a specific campaign can do so cheaply and strategically.

“Instead of waiting for someone to discover your business, ABE offers
strategic marketing tools for business owners to target new markets for
free,” said Peakhour Direct general manager Michael Ellies.

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