Debuts One-Step Domain Registration

Domain registrar Inc.
Wednesday launched a tool designed to simplify domain name registration to
one step.

Domain Manager 3.0 provides customers quick registration time
as well as management tools for updating domain information. The application
remembers information already provided by customers for future purchases.
With it, existing customers purchasing additional domain names will have
billing and contact information automatically inserted,
eliminating those steps from the registration process. Changes made to
domain information can also be made in real time to the
Whois database, the company said.

“Domain Manager 3.0 makes getting a name both faster and easier,” said
Richard Forman, president and chief executive officer. “In this
market, sometimes just a few minutes can make the difference between getting
a name and
missing out. Now, all our existing customers have to do is log in, enter a
name, click on a button, and the name can be theirs in seconds.”

With its new tools for domain name registration, is looking to
stand out in the growing field of domain name registrars. With the
introduction of competition earlier this year, the space has been flooded
with companies looking to gain prominence in the market.

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