Cisco Extends Smart Grid Push to Homes, Offices

As energy costs grow, so does the interest in better management, efficiency and cost-savings solutions.

The so-called smart grid is one approach designed to help manage and control electricity costs. Because the smart grid relies on a network of connections, it should come as no surprise that Cisco sees an opportunity to bring its expertise to energy efficiency as well. Enterprise Networking Planet reports on new energy management solutions from Cisco that span both the home, via a new home energy controller, and the office.

The promise of smart grids are that they will help utilities measure and control electricity and use power more efficiently. But it’s an idea that isn’t just limited to electrical utilities anymore; it’s now being extended to office and home environments with a series of new initiatives from networking giant Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO).

Today Cisco announced a home energy management solution as well as the Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager 6300 and the Network Building Mediator 3.1 for managing power within an office buildings.

Read the full story at Enteprise Networking Planet:

Cisco Extends Smart Grid For Both Offices and Homes

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