IBM Expands System Z Mainframes for Windows Blades

Mainframes and x86 Windows boxes have for the most part existed in two different worlds. That’s now about to change, thanks to a new effort from IBM that will bring Windows into the mainframe world.

Scott Carlson, manager System z Product Marketing, explained to that in 2010, IBM’s zEnterprise program opened up the mainframe to go beyond traditional mainframe components with the zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX).

Carlson noted that the zBX allows for the hosting of different types of blades that can be managed as a whole system together with the mainframe. The customer benefit is that if the enterprise has multitier applications with data on the mainframe, the applications can be more closely integrated. Carlson added that the zBX also allows for central management using z System governance that mainframe clients are used to. Initially, the zBX provided support for x86 blades running Linux. Support is now being expanded to include Microsoft Windows.


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IBM Brings Windows to Mainframes

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