Intel Tackles Trusted Execution Flaw

Intel has its sights set on patching a security flaw in its Trusted Execution Technology that’s designed to lock down its chips and prevent untrusted software from running. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

Intel this week is updating its Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) for a critical flaw that could potentially have enabled an attacker to run untrusted code.

Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) provides extensions for Intel processors and chipsets to protect applications. The basic idea behind TXT is to enable a trust mechanism for the safe loading of software.

The flaw was reported by security research firm Invisible Labs, which is led by researcher Joanna Rutkowska. This isn’t the first time that Rutkowska has found a flaw with Intel’s chipsets: Earlier this year at the Black Hat D.C. conference, Invisible Labs revealed another TXT-related flaw.

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Intel Patches Trusted Execution

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