Juniper Bringing Security to the Smartphone

As users increasingly rely on their smartphones and other mobile devices to store personal information, the security concerns that have long plagued the PC realm begin to pose a threat to the wireless world. In response, Juniper Networks is rolling out a suite of security offerings geared for protecting mobile devices, along with a research center focused on wireless security.

The new effort comes under the auspices of the company’s Junos Pulse software initiative, and includes monitoring services and technologies to fight spam and viruses, as well as remote data wiping. Enterprise Networking Planet takes a look at Juniper’s new mobile security efforts.

Juniper Networks this week announced a new set of services and technologies to help enterprises, service providers and end users secure their mobile assets.

Among the tools are a mobile security suite for mobile devices and a new global threat and research center focused on mobile security. The new mobile security initiatives are part of Juniper’s Junos Pulse software effort and tie into the company’s SSL VPN security solutions. Juniper mobile security initiatives come at a time when both mobile usage and mobile threats are on the rise.

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Juniper Addresses Smartphone Security

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