LSI Logic’s Fusion-MPT(TM) Storage Architecture Adds Integrated Mirroring

Storage semiconductor vendor LSI Logic Corporation today announced the availability of integrated mirroring and data protection for high-end workstations and servers with LSI Logic’s Fusion-MPT architecture.

In LSI Logic’s view, the shift to Network Attached Storage makes it necessary for ISPs to find a cost effective, fault tolerant solution to protect the operating systems on small form factor high-density rack mountable servers. To them, mirroring is the answer.

According to LSI Logic, integrated mirroring uses the same device drivers as LSI Logic’s standard Fusion-MPT-based controllers, eliminating the need for complex backup software or expensive RAID hardware. It also operates independently from the operating system, and, when combined with an automated configuration option, further simplifies the user’s experience and conserves resources.

“Our new integrated mirroring feature provides customers with a robust, high-performance, fault tolerant solution without the expense of a dedicated RAID controller,” said John D’Errico, executive vice president of the Storage Components Division for LSI Logic.

LSI Logic’s Fusion-MPT architecture is based on ARM(R) processor technology, and has a single binary device driver that supports both Ultra320 SCSI and Fibre Channel. Integrated mirroring is currently being demonstrated on the LSIFC929 Dual Channel 2GBaud Fibre Channel controller.

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