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Red Hat Sees Green in Enterprise Linux

Red Hat proved once again to be one of the few IT vendors capable of toughing it out during one of the worst economic climates in decades -- and doing so profitably. What's its secret? For one thing, the company said new industries are migrating to its flavor of enterprise Linux.

During yesterday's earnings call -- during which the company posted results that beat Wall Street expectations -- CEO Jim Whitehurst detailed this and some of the other reasons that Red Hat is finding itself able to woo new customers away from Unix and Microsoft Windows. Datamation takes a look.

...There are a number of reasons why Red Hat has grown its revenue over the last year and why its executives are optimistic that growth will continue for its next fiscal year. Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst noted during the company's earnings call that it has been expanding outside of the company's core market verticals, which include telecom, financial services and government.

"In industries such as logistics, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, transportation, travel services, retail and energy, we experienced over 150 percent growth within these mainstream verticals in our top deals compared with last fiscal year," Whitehurst said.

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