Boston is the Fastest Broadband City in the U.S.

According to the fourth quarter 2011, State of the Internet report from Akamai, the global average connection speed to the Internet dropped to 2.3 megabits per second (Mbps), representing a 14 percent decline from the third quarter of 2011. While the average connection speed declined, the global average peak connection speed was relatively flat, coming in at 11.7 Mbps for a 0.4 percent quarterly gain

The fastest city in the US is Boston at 8.4 Mbps; fractionally ahead of North Bergen, NJ for average connection speed. Jersey City, NJ came in third at 8.3 Mbps, Monterey Park, CA fourth at 8.2 Mbps and Clifton, NJ fifth at 8.0 Mbps.

The fastest county in the world based on the average connection speed, was South Korea coming in at 17.5 Mbps, in contrast the US ranked 13 at 5.8 Mbps. In terms of the fastest cities in the world, Taegu, South Korea ranked first at 21.8 Mbps. In general, Akamai found that cities in the Asia Pacific region held 69 of the top 100 spots on the list of fastest cities in the world. Japan tops the list with 61, while there are 22 from the US.

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