ClickOn-Markets Created for Canadian Companies

[Montreal, CANADA] National Bank of Canada and COGNICASE Inc. have created ClickOn-Markets, with HP Canada and SAP as strategic partners. It’s a multi-client, multi-supplier e-commerce wireless Internet portal for Canadian companies.

This portal offers a shared platform for multiple clients linked to multiple suppliers. Business customers will buy goods and services electronically, from their own suppliers and according to their own business processes. The B2B2C supply chain (manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and customer) which commonly characterizes companies into Internet communities is the basis of the portal.

National Bank will ensure the secure financial settlement of electronic transactions. National Bank, COGNICASE and its outsourced clients will be the initial users of ClickOn-Markets for procuring their own goods and services. Then ClickOn-Markets will be marketed to National Bank’s 170,000 commercial clients. Hewlett-Packard Canada Ltd. will also promote the portal’s services.

“According to market experts, businesses can save between 10 and 20 percent of the value of purchases made through portals such as ClickOn-Markets, mainly due to transactional efficiency and strategic procurement management,” said Real Raymond, president of Personal and Commercial Banking for National Bank of Canada.

“HP Canada has a long standing relationship with COGNICASE, National Bank and SAP,” said Mario Vitale, the Quebec general manager for HP Canada. SAP and HP e-commerce technologies will be used with those of COGNICASE to offer services such as an electronic catalog, electronic purchases, automated approval processes, group discount negotiation, financial settlement, party authentication, bid management, and auctions.

COGNICASE is an integrator and wireless Internet solutions provider, employing professionals in several countries. The National Bank of Canada offers banking services, including investment banking services required by large corporations. SAP Canada Inc. is based in Toronto with offices in Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver. Hewlett-Packard Ltd. has employees at 21 locations across Canada.

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