Novell Posts Likely Last Earnings as Independent

It’s not exactly going out with a bang. Novell, which has entered into an agreement to sell to Attachmate, exiting the stage as a publicly traded company, reported fourth-quarter earnings that continued the firm’s steady decline.

On the bright side, Novell claims that its Linux invoicing revenue remains strong, posting 40 percent growth when its Microsoft certification business is factored out. Datamation looks at the numbers.

In what may turn out to be Novell’s final earnings report as a public company, revenues continued to fall as the company is set to be acquired.

Enterprise software vendor Novell (NASDAQ:NOVL) is on the verge of being acquired for $2.2 billion by Attachmate. For its fourth quarter fiscal 2010, Novell reported net revenue of $207 million which is a decline from the $216 million in net revenue reported for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2009. Analysts polled by Thompson Reuters had expected revenue of $204.1 million. Novell declined to provide its own guidance at the end of the third quarter for the fourth quarter outlook.

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Novell’s Final Earnings Report?

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