Puppet Enterprise 2.0 Gets GUI

The open source Puppet configuration management system has become a defacto required skill for many systems administrators in recent years. With the new Puppet 2.0 Enterprise Release, Puppet Labs, the lead commercial sponsor of Puppet, is aiming to further accelerate Puppet adoption with improved usability and provisioning capabilities.

“Puppet is becoming in some ways, a short way of talking about a particular type of system admin,” Puppet Labs CEO Luke Kanies told InternetNews.com. “If you say you’re looking for Puppet skills, you’re looking for automation, DevOps and someone that really understands how to get the most of a system, while spending as little time as possible on server deployment.”

Earlier this year, Kaines’ company Puppet Labs released its first commercial enterprise release of Puppet. Puppet Enterprise provides commercial capabilities on top of the open source base.

“This is our first major update to our commercial product release, and it’s our first major release that has a significant amount of functionality that is not available as part of our open source software,” Kaines said.


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